This past weekend was race camp weekend at Ski Brule. I have to say it was an amazing time! All of the coaches were great and the racers were having a ton of fun! It was great to see racers of all ages hitting the slopes and shredding hard lines. There were kids about 8 years old who were just tearing up the courses! It was incredible to watch how fast and graceful the racers looked.

On top of having race camp this weekend, Thanksgiving was last Thursday! I had a lot of fun at the Thanksgiving dinner getting to talk to everyone. It’s quite interesting learning about the various people who come to Ski Brule. Today is going to be a quick blog, but I want to quickly mention the Lodging deal that is going on for this weekend, Dec. 4th – 5th. Most of our Lodging will be at Midweek rates! Give us a call at 1-800-DO-BRULE to learn more about that awesome deal.

Have a Great Day!

Justin P.