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Ski Brule Thanksgiving Ski Vacation!

Ski Brule Thanksgiving ski vacation, you can plan on it.  So often skiers and snowboarders don’t plan on taking a winter vacation for Thanksgiving break because snow is so unpredictable.  That may be true around the countryside, but not at Ski Brule.  You can plan on a Ski Brule Thanksgiving ski vacation.  Ski Brule has hosted the Thanksgiving Ski Camp for for 27 years.  YES!  It’s been Ski Brule for 27 years of Thanksgiving Race Camp.  Often times Ski Brule is the only lift service training camp in the Midwest.  And many that have gone West for race camp come back and say “I should have done Brule!  More time in the gates, closer to home and not as expensive”.

Ski Brule Thanksgiving Ski VacationThere is still time to plan a Ski Brule Thanksgiving ski vacation. Lodging is filling quickly so don’t delay in making your reservation.  Half price lodging on Wednesday when you stay four nights too!  If you delay in making your lodging reservations and Ski Brule is booked, no worries!  The Ski Brule team is waiting to help you book nearby.  Sure we’d love you to stay at Ski Brule but the reality is … we just want you to visit!  So Ski Brule will do everything we can to make that happen.

And forget the stress of making Thanksgiving Dinner for your family.  Ski Brule has it covered!  Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings will be at the Brule Lodge 5:30-8:00.
Menu Features:  Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Stuffing, Yams, Salad, Green Beans, Rolls, Cranberry Sauce & Dessert.  Adults : $ 13.00 (18+) Juniors :$ 10.00 (10-17) Kids :$ 6.00 (0-9).

I’ll be serving dinner on Thanksgiving and counting the minutes to head to camp with hubby to feast on my favorite meal of the year with Colt.

~ Always Thinking Snow
Jess & #ColtGeorge


Ski Brule Is OPEN For Snowsports!

Ski Brule is OPEN for snowsports!  The season kicks off this Friday, November 10 at 10:00 am.  It’s time to ride!

IT’S HERE!  IT’S HERE!  Opening Day 2017/18 Snow Season IS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10!  Ski Brule kicks off the season at 10:00 am CST Friday and in celebration of opening .. lift tickets are FREE Friday!  Snowsports will be available on Log Jam and Bunny Trail serviced by Big Bear Chairlift and Bambi Rope Tow.  Lifts will operate until 4:00.

Ski Brule will be open Saturday November 11 & Sunday November 12, 9am-4pm on Log Jam & Bunny Trails.  Snowmaking continues and forecast looks ideal.  Lift tickets are $20 for adults and juniors November 11-12 and tickets will be available at Bear’s Den, Lodging Office and Rental Center.  Ski Brule will be closed for snowmaking Monday November 13-Thursday November 16.  Daily operations will begin November 17.

SKIWee, Child Care and Lessons will be available starting November 20.
Lift Tickets are $40 for adults & juniors November 17-21 and normal rates apply starting November 21 ($49 adult & $43 junior).  Sign up for FREE Friends and Neighbors and receive half price tickets Wednesday and $5 off November 22-23.

I’m ready to ride .. are you?  See you Friday at the lift.  Who will get first tracks in 2017/18?

~Thinking Snow
Jess & #coltgoerge

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Snow Fun Options!

Ski Brule, obviously by our name it is easy to see that we offer skiing and where there is skiing, you have snowboarding.  If flying down a mountain on ski’s or a snowboard isn’t really your thing, you still have options! With 33 kilometers of beautifully groomed cross country, snowshoeing and fat bike trails you can enjoy the scenery at a little slower pace. Rentals for cross country skis, snowshoes and fat bikes are available in our Rental Center. Snow tubing is always a hit for the entire family, Homestead offers endless runs of traditional walk up the hill tubing everything Thursday and Saturday night, while Whitewater Tubing will let you sit back and enjoy a ride to the top.  With so many different snow adventures available you won’t need to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Snow Making 101

Mountain crew has been working hard to get all the snow guns ready, moving them on to the mountain and hooking up the lines. With temperatures dropping at night the process to open a run goes quickly. However, snow making is not an easy task, there are a lot of variables that go in to it and the crew making the snow has to be educated in the process. Our crew are snow making scientists and today you will be too because today’s class is Snow Making 101!

First and most important, we absolutely need cold weather in order to make snow. No equipment arsenal in the world can produce good machine-made snow without it! 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing temperature for water to turn into snow crystals, but ideal snow making conditions call for temperatures to be 28 degrees or lower.

Aside from the air temperatures, our crew also keep an especially close eye on the wet bulb. The wet bulb temperature is a combination of the air temperature and the humidity, and is the most critical indicator for snow making. A wet bulb in the low to mid 20s means we can even make snow at or above 32 degrees sometimes! In a nutshell, as the temperature and humidity drop, the amount of snow made per hour goes up.

Water and compressed air is the combination that creates our snow! Compressors create the compressed air (41,000/cfm) which is then pushed through miles of snow making air pipes that line the mountain. Another set of parallel snow making pipes is used to pump up to (4,700/gpm) of water up the mountain. All the water is drawn from our snow making pond located in our base area, converted into snow over the winter, and then returned naturally to the water table and pond in the springtime when the snow melts.

The snow gun serves as the mixing chamber for the water and air. Machine made snow is more durable than natural snow, and is actually better for getting a great snow base here at Ski Brule! Natural snowflakes have 6 arms, or dendrites that spread away from the flake’s core, and create the symmetrical crystals that make them so pretty-but also makes them so fragile! Machine made snow on the other hand is a simple ball of snow-no arms to break off and get compacted down, thus being more durable for creating and maintaining a base.

The final touch in the snow making process is our staff! Our snow makers and groomers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be on the mountain, taking advantage of ideal conditions the moment they arrive. They work all night to prepare the mountain for you to enjoy skiing, riding and tubing. Even when we don’t get to make snow on a certain night, the grooming staff will be hard at work all night to get the slopes looking and feeling like there is a nice fresh coat of snow!

So there you have it! You are now a Snow Making Scientist! We wish it were as simple as just turning them on and letting them make snow but as you can see there is a lot more that goes it to it than just turning them on! We were excited to make snow Friday night and we have many more nights in the near future that are looking like good conditions!

Do your snow dance!

Snow is on the way!

Waking up to the first snow fall of the year is one of the best feelings and it looks like we may just get that this Friday! They are calling for 1-3 inches of snow this Friday and cold temperatures at night.  Snow guns are being placed this week and if the forecast is correct we will be starting to make snow late this week and in to the weekend.  Time to get your gear out of storage and cleaned up for season because we will be on the snow in just a short couple weeks.  Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date information on opening day!  Do your snow dance and lets get this 17.18 season started!

Windy City Ski and Snowboard Show

Chicago bound for the weekend! The Windy City Ski and Snowboard Show is Chicagoland’s newest and largest Consumer Ski and Snowboard Show to hit the Midwest. With 100,000 sq.ft of Retailers, Resorts, Clubs, Manufacturer Reps and a huge SUPER SALE.  Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center will be the place to be this weekend with a 3 day show featuring thousands in prizes and lift ticket giveaways. Meet the top manufacturer reps in the industry. Pro skier and snowboarder appearances. Movie theater premiere. Top local retailers.  Best of all, we will be there! So if you happen to live in the Chicago area or you are visiting there this weekend the show will run Friday, 3PM-10PM, Saturday, 10AM-8PM and Sunday, 11AM-5PM.  Come on out and check out all the newest gear and stop by to say hi!!

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1 Month!!

WOW!  Time is flying by and temps are dropping daily.  Hard to believe that we are one month out from our target opening day of November 10th! We woke this morning to frost covering the ground and temps in the high 20’s. Opening day is a big deal at any resort but we take that fun to a whole new level here with FREE lift tickets.  We always shoot for a Friday, a great way to kick off the weekend with the first laps of year. Ski Brule has been the go to resort for the first and last tracks of the season and this year won’t be any different. Put in for a vacation day or start practicing your fake cough because if Mother Nature treats us right we will be on the snow in just a few short weeks!  Time to start doing your snow dance!  Because November 10th is our target opening day, please keep an eye on our website, Facebook or Instagram for the most current updates!


$128 Four Pack Sale Ends 2 Days!

Why pay more than $32 for lift tickets this snow season?  Especially when you don’t have to?  Advanced lift tickets are on special through 10/5 and are a $68 savings!  $128 Four Pack ticket deal is valid anytime this season and anyone can use.  Save more, play more!

Just returned from our yearly vacation.  It’s a great reminder of how important family time is.  It was also a great reminder of when you get rain, make mud and laugh!  Also a reminder of how important it is to make your visit to Ski Brule better than you ever imagined.  It’s the ‘little extra’ smiles, help, information or conversation that makes the difference between a good trip and a memorable trip.  Ski Brule strives to make your stay the best it can be.  We are looking forward to your visit this season.

Thinking Snow
~Jess & Colt

Ski Brule is hiring!

From the lift operators and mechanics who run the Big Bear Chairlift and Ski Brule’s top-notch trail maintenance crew that grooms every night to the men and women who work in Ski Brule’s Guest Service Departments, Ski Brule’s employees who run this award-winning resort deliver excellence at every level. They are the people behind Ski Brule’s reputation as the friendliest & Midwest Favorite Resort.

We are looking to hire highly motivated, outgoing individuals that would love to join our team. Experienced is preferred but will train the right applicant. We are looking for full time and part time positions. A friendly, helpful and hospitable attitude is necessary. You will be required to work on the weekends and holidays, for those are our busy times out on the slopes. We have many positions open!

Food Service

Line Cook
Lift Operators & Mtn Ops
Retail Sales
Cashiers & Guest Service
Rental Center Techs
Ski & Snowboard Instructors
Bookkeeping / Accounting
Housekeeping Supervisor
Group Sales
Sales & Marketing
Kids Services Supervisor
Front Desk

Ski Brule Housekeepers

Ski Brule Housekeepers Now Hiring – IMMEDIATE OPENING!

A description of the job opportunity is: clean rooms, chalets and resort buildings including sort/count/fold/mark/carry linens, make beds, replenish supplies, move furniture, hang drapes, roll carpets. No required minimum education for the position and does not require housekeeping experience, work shifts vary, generally 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. Mon. through Sunday, weekend & holiday work required, as needed on the job training will be provided to the worker.

Are you a ‘numbers person’? Have great attention to detail?

If so, Ski Brule’s Register Accounting & Reconciliation position is right for you!

Assistant Retail Sales & Guest Service Position

Enjoy meeting new people? Like to sell? Friendly & outgoing? Have good attention to details? Then this may be the job for you! Will train the right applicant. Basic knowledge in excel is a plus!

Accounts Payable & Payroll

Strong experience in accounts payable/receivable and payroll including payroll taxes, unemployment & workman’s compensation.

Bear’s Den Retail Manager

Requirements: Applicant must be outgoing, friendly, sales motivated & customer service orientated. Basic computer skills. Familiar with Windows 98, Excel, and Word. Retail experience.


  • Purchase inventory and maintain appropriate levels of inventory.
  • Display & promote products
  • Become knowledgeable on all products for sale & educate support staff.
  • Sales of retail merchandise, lift tickets, lessons and resort activities.
  • Create sales campaign/plan to increase sales.
  • Maintain sales display/inventory at Guest Service, Rental & Lodging Office.
  • Answer telephone and provide resort information to caller.
  • Scheduling, training, hiring, and timecards for support staff.
  • Sell resort services
  • Manage guest service issues.
  • Inventory responsibility
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Coordinate with Guest Service, Kid’s Service & Snow School Mangers.

Retail Manager Position: On Average is 30-40 hours per week during spring & summer, on average 50-60+ hours during fall & winter with approximately 2,200 hours per year, excluding vacations. Weekend and Holiday work is required. Be present during key business times.

Kid’s Center Manager

FUN!! That’s a requirement of this management positions! A positive, warm & friendly approach to children and their parents.

Duties Include: Accurate enrollment forms, check in & out of children, coordination of staff, enforcing security protocols, providing area information to guests, creating a positive experience for children enrolled, inventory responsibilities, scheduling/hiring/timecards and manage guest services issues, cross train in other resort departments.

Kid’s Center Manager Position: On average is 50-60 hours during fall and winter. Weekend and holiday work is required and must be present during key business times.

Snowmaking Crew

Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather.

  • Working with hazardous materials and noise.
  • Working holidays, weekends and nights.
  • Many types of equipment are used.

Snowmaking department works 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Snowmakers work in all weather conditions. The equipment they use and are around can be dangerous due to the high-pressure air/water hydrants and hoses that are used to make the snow, but you will be trained to operate them safely. Due to the seasonality of the resort, the start date and the hours offered will greatly depend on weather conditions and business levels.

Ski Brule will provide the best possible conditions at all times. Ski Brule will be the first to open and the last to close!

Pro Patroller

Under direction of Operations Manager, helps to maintain winter alpine recreation areas to prevent accidents, assist guests, promote user safety, assist in other departments as needed and respond to injuries while creating a favorable image of Ski Brule.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Communicates with Operations Manager to determine needs for patrol coverage in the best interest of Ski Brule. Inspects slopes and trails for hazards or unsafe conditions, promotes guest education with established safety programs, provides on-hill patrol functions to ensure adequate patrol coverage, maintains area incident report data, maintains patrol room in accordance with Ski Brule Patrol guidelines, inventories and orders supplies as established by Operations Manager, communicates information between Operations Manager and volunteer patrol / Patrol Director.

Qualifications: Minimum 18 years old with two seasons (1 year) of ski patrol experience as a Basic Patroller or any combination of education and experience equal to the above. Current member of the National Ski Patrol Systems, Inc. with current registration of at least the Basic Patroller level.

Lodging Office Receptionist & Reservations

Enjoy talking with people? Telling them about all the fun they will have at Ski Brule and helping to make their vacation perfect? A positive, friendly personality is a must! Basic computer skills are a benefit but we will train the right applicant. To apply, complete a Ski Brule application and send to Ski Brule with your resume.

Lift Operators

Must be willing to work weekends and holidays. A positive, outgoing personality is required! Should desire an outdoor job that requires manual labor. Must have the ability to stand outside for long periods of time in cold temperatures and the ability to shovel snow throughout the work day. Must follow strict safety guidelines in the operation of lift machinery. Duties include: Inspection and safe operation of chairlifts, loading and unloading public, excellent ongoing guest service and extensive snow shoveling and be willing to work in other departments as needed. Seasonal Position. To apply, complete a Ski Brule application and send to Ski Brule.

Become National Ski Patroller

More Information: Ski Patrol

When it comes to being a ski patroller, there is no mold. There are however, some common traits that all patrollers share. National Ski Patrol members have a strong desire to help others, learn emergency care techniques, improve their skiing and snowboarding skills, and enhance the safety and enjoyment of snow sports for all. Sound like you? Read on to learn how you can join our elite team.


National Ski Patrol members support their area management in preparing the mountain in the morning, rescuing and caring for injured guests throughout the day and making sure everyone gets down safely when the mountain closes. Sure it’s a long, action-packed day, but there’s nothing more rewarding than putting in a hard day’s work while having a good time and making lifelong friends in the process. Besides, it sure beats sitting in an office cubicle all day!


National Ski Patrol education programs offer you the chance to obtain world-class training. Learn about emergency care practices, search and rescue techniques, avalanche control, mountaineering, toboggan handling and many other interesting and essential skills. The most rewarding part is taking what you learn and putting it to the test on the slopes.

Are you up to the challenge?

Take your passion for snow sports to the next level by attending an applicant-screening day where you are invited to work with your local patrol. This is your opportunity to learn more about how the patrol operates and what is expected of its members, as well as a chance for the patrol to evaluate your individual talents and abilities. Simply contact the patrol director at the ski resort of your choice to find out when they will be holding their applicant-screening day and get the complete details. Although the needs of each patrol vary, we can help put you in touch with the patrol directors in your area.

If any of these positions interest you please send Ski Brule a completed application. Once your application is received, Human Resources will contact you to arrange an interview.

Applications are also available at the Ski Brule lodging office and online.

Return completed applications by:

  • Fax: 906-265-6227
  • Mail: Ski Brule, 397 Brule Mountain Road,Iron River, MI 49935
  • Email: [email protected]

Ski Brule team members receive resort benefits, including free skiing and snowboarding, free rental equipment, discounted ski and snowboard lessons, food and beverage discounts and retail discounts.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Office with a view!

If you work for a Ski Resort then you have a true love for being outside. Growing up in the UP it is hard to not love the outdoors and I was raised to believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.  Dress for success and you will be just fine.  I spend a lot of the season coming and going from my office and although I love to be out on the hill getting paid to ski (because what’s better than that?!) I am so thankful that I have an office with a view!  With a view of Big Bear and Log Jam right out my window you can imagine the things I see while I am working away.  Epic yard sales and people bombing down Big Bear are the ones I catch most often and I love watching guests have fun. Never know what you will see! Fall is always beautiful and I get to watch the trees change daily and on a beautiful day like today I catch myself gazing out the window a little more often than others.  Today’s view is Moe, one of our mighty mountain men, clearing Log Jam! Driving a tractor, pulling an attachment mower straight down the hill.  This can only mean one thing… they are getting ready to place snow machines and start preparing for snow making season! I got so excited that I ran out there with the GoPro and snagged a little video!   Some days it’s the little things! 🙂


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