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Ski Brule
SkiBrule Minnesota

Why I Work Here

Why do I work here?  Because of my love of snow and today is a perfect example of how perfect a day could be.  Sunshine and light fluffy snow.  Picture perfect.  It’s a great way to unwind after the weekend … and get ready for next weekend.  It’s Boy Scout Winter Merit Badge day this Saturday.  Cannot wait!

A few laps on the snow today.
~Jess & Colt

Fluffy Snow

Image may contain: 2 people, including Jessica Polich, people smiling, selfie and closeupFluffy snow this morning!  Nothing better than a few inches of fluffy snow over the groom.  It’s going to be a perfect day!  High of 28 and 4 more inches of snow expected today.  No wind either.  It’s Girl Scout Adventure day so I get to hit the slopes all day with these ladies.  I can’t wait!  A day on snow will build up an appetite and I have a date with the cutest skier at Homestead tonight for BBQ dinner, tubing and sleigh ride.  Can’t wait!

Do what you love, love what you do!

Jess & Colt

Ski Brule Song

Funday!We were there!

Crashing through the snow
During a snowy winter day
Over the hills of Ski Brule
Laughing all the way

Watching out for Big Scary Bears
As we board and ski into the Sunrise
And the Otters sure do slide
Like gliding in Maple Syrup

Following Snow Shoe hares
As they travel through the Rapids
It’s a Doodle of a day
Making tracks through the Timbers

Hoping we don’t hit a Log Jam
Going toward the Hill of Bambi Bunnies
We head toward Homestead and the North Forty
In hopes of Hot Cider

It’s a Double Doodle of a day
As it Spills-a-Way from Whitewater
Oh what fun it is to ski and board
On a snowy Ski Brule Day!

And that’s a wrap!

Snowmaking 19.20

And that’s a wrap! Ski Bule snowmaking is complete. THANK YOU Ski Brule snow crew. Nobody does it better!!

And that’s a wrap! Snowmaking season 19/20 has ended. 15 of 17 trails open until Snowshoe & Rapids terrain parks are cut. 17 of 17 Trails expected to be open starting 12/26.

A huge thank you to THE BEST snow crew anywhere! Nobody does it better and watching this team work together to make snow happen is incredible. You know who you are snow crew … “Thank You!”

$25 Lift Tickets!

This Weekend!   Summer Lodging Rates During Winter & $25 Lift Tickets.

No fooling! This weekend you pay summer lodging rates and get lift tickets for $25/day at Ski Brule. Summer lodging rates start at $75 for up to 4 guests. Minimum 2 night stay, 2 day ticket purchase.

Ski Brule is open Friday through Sunday 9-4:00 this weekend. Daily operations begin December 13 at Ski Brule.

Snowmaking continues. We went on a 1.5 week of no snowmaking because the humidity was too high but that has now changed. The snowmaking crew has kicked it into high gear and blanketing the mountain with snow. Storm total from this weekend 13″.

~ Thinking Snow
Jess & Colt

Fun, Friends & Snow!

Lift & Lodging DealFun, Friends & Snow!
THANK YOU Mother Nature!  She’s been so kind to us this October and November.  Several days of snowmaking are complete and weather looks promising for additional snowmaking in the upcoming week.  Currently Big Bear, Log Jam, Otterslide, Maple Syrup, Sunrise, Bunny and Bambi Trails are open with a 36-48″ base.  Snowmaking continues on Whitewater, Rapids, Snowshoe, Gentle Ben and North Forty with additional trails opening for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?  Get off the couch, record the ball game and watch it another day.  The snow is too good not to get outside to play and nothing is more important than good quality family time.  They won’t remember who won the ball game but they will remember who made it down Big Bear first or the first time they skied on Otterslide.  These are memories, the good stuff.  This is Ski Brule.

~ Thinking Snow
Jess & Colt

Ski Brule is OPEN!

Ski Brule is open for skiing & snowboarding starting this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8!  And opening day lift tickets are FREE!  Skip school, call in sick to work … join the celebration!

The resort that brings you the longest season in the Midwest kicks off the snow season this Friday, November 8! Ski Brule snowmaking crew have been working hard to bring you the best early season snow to play on.  Friday lift tickets are FREE in celebration of opening.  The free lift tickets are available at Bear’s Den Pro Shop & Rental Center.

Big Bear chairlift and Bambi Rope Tow will spin Friday 10:30-4:00 servicing Log Jam, Bunny & Bambi Trails.  Additional terrain may open dependent on snowmaking this midweek on Ottterslide.  Rails and Boxes will be available too!

Bear’s Den Pro Shop is open 8-4:15 this weekend for lift tickets, season pass photos, information and the latest gear and wear.  Rental Center is open 10-4:00 for tech needs and equipment rental.  Brule Café serving up a selection of food 8-4:00.  Brule Saloon and Evening Dining available 10-8:00.

Pioneer Lodge nightly lodging special is available at the Lodging Office 8-5:00.  Pioneer Condos are: $75 Elites & Standard, $99 Suites & $150 Pioneer 103.  No minimum night stay!

Childcare, SKIWee and lessons are available starting 11/27.  Whitewater snow tubing, cross country skiing, fat bike trails and snowshoe trails will be available snow dependent in late December.

Ski Brule will be open for snowsports on 11/9, 11/10, 11/16 & 11/17.  Lifts will operate 10:30-4:00 and adult/junior lift tickets are $25.  Additional terrain will open as soon as snowmaking permits.

  • Hours of Operation on 11/9, 11/10, 11/16 & 11/17
  • Lifts: 10:30-4:00
  • Rental Center: 10-4:15.
  • Bear’s Den: 8-4:15.
  • Café: 8-4:00
  • Brule Saloon: 10-8:00 Saturday & 10-5:00 Sunday.
  • Lodging Office: 8-5:00
  • SKIwee/ Lessons / Childcare / Whitewater Snow Tubing/ Cross Country / Fat tire bike trails / Snowshoe Trails are not available.


Friday November 15:  Brule Saloon & Evening Dining will be open 10-8:00.

~Thinking Snow




Ski Brule Is Fired Up!

Ski Brule is fired up!  Snowmaking began last night (10/29/19) and the first night of snow went well.  It’s not only making snow but it’s the first ‘official’ test of the system to be sure everything is 100%.  Snowmaking isn’t as simple as flipping a switch and watching the snow magically appear.  There are so many factors that determine success or failure of a night of making snow.  The #1 most important element to snowmaking at Ski Brule is the drive and dedication of the #mtnmen at Ski Brule.  Snowmaking isn’t a fluff job.  Imagine having to walk up and down the slopes, stopping every so often for a gun check, moving wet and frozen fire hoses, working with high voltage electricity, overnights, no days (or nights) off during the snowmaking season, 15 hour shifts … your heart has to be in it to be on this crew.  Determination is a must!  Team play is a must!  Drive to be the best is a must!  Nobody has a crew like the #mtnmen at Ski Brule.

This season comes with an bit of a different operational plan during the early season.  Why?  So the snowmaking crew has more time to make huge piles of snow.  It takes time to shut down the snowmaking machines or fire them up, move the equipment off the trails and groom it to ride on.  Therefore the decision to allow the snowmachines to run non stop (weather dependent) during the early season to hopefully give you a lot of open terrain sooner than normal.  Schedule is below.

Early season operational tentative schedule, subject to modification based on SNOW:
Nov 8 – Target Open.  If open, then Ski Brule will be open Nov. 9 & 10
Nov 11-15: closed for snowmaking
Nov 16-17 open for snowsports
Nov 18-21: closed for snowmaking
Nov 22-24: open for snowsports
Nov 25-26: Closed for snowmaking
Nov 27-Dec 1: open for snowsports
Dec 2-5: closed for snowmaking
Dec 6-8: open for snowsports
Dec 9-12: closed for snowmaking
Dec 13: open daily through April 12 & then open weekends based on snow conditions

In celebration of making snow … Ski Brule has also added an Advanced Lift Ticket special.  $40 Advanced lift tickets now through 11/7 … the discounted lift tickets are only available at or by calling 800-362-7853.  Buy now, save more so you can play more!

Looking forward to skiing with you on November 8 – do your cold weather dance – need it around 10 degrees to really pump out the snow.

~Think Snow
Jess & Colt

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Still Playing In The Snow!


No photo description available.I woke up twice this week to morning snow!  Today was about 3″ and it was light and fluffy!  Almost zero snow loss this spring at Ski Brule.  When I asked Mountain Crew the weekend snow report, their response was a laugh and “We are going to be 100% open for a long time.  Will run out of guests before snow.”  Ski Brule will continue being open on weekends and Good Friday 9-4:00 so long as Ski Brule can provide a positive snow sports experience.  Skiwee, childcare, lessons, Homestead Lodge & BBQ are closed for the season as of April 8.

If you have Advanced Lift Tickets, you can still use them anytime now through when we close for the 18/19 snow season.  So make plans and enjoy the best snow we’ve had in a long time in April.  Check the snow report before heading to Ski Brule so you know what the trail report is for that day.  A little bird told me that we are supposed to have a big snowstorm this coming week!

Bring on winter .. becuase it’s UGLY mud season here once winter is gone.

~Thinking Snow
Jess & #coltgeorge

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April Snow!

I wish more people would be skiing in April!  Unfortunately the reality is that very few guests visit in April, even if the snow is great so we are compelled to reduce operational schedule.  The snow is the best I’ve ever seen.  REALLY REALLY GREAT!  Following is the schedule for skiing & snowboarding in April.

April Skiing/ Snowboarding Schedule:

Ski Brule will continue operations through April, with the following schedule:

Open for Skiing & Snowboarding: April 5, 6, 7. Homestead Lodge will be open April 6-7 and then close for the season as of April 8.  Rental Center will be open 8-4:00.  Children’s Program: SKIWee & Child care available by reservation April 5, 6, 7 and closing for the season as of April 8.  No nightly activities.

Open for skiing & snowboarding: April 13 & 14, Rental equipment will be available through the Bears Den Pro Shop. No nightly activities.

Open for snowboarding & skiing: April 20 & 21.  Rental equipment will be available through the Bears Den Pro Shop. No nightly activities.

Open for snowboarding & Skiing: April 27 & 28.  Rental equipment will be available through the Bears Den Pro Shop.  No nightly activities.

Cross Country, Snowshoe, Fat Bike Trails closed as of 3/26.

Lodging Office hours 8:30-4:00 Sunday-Thursday & 8am-6pm Friday & Saturday.

Lifts & Runs will be open/closed based on weather, guest numbers.

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