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Ski Rental & Snowboard Rental Rates at Ski Brule

Why rent your equipment at Ski Brule? Not only are the rental rates affordable, but the experience is easy!  Imagine not having to load up your gear, unload it when you arrive, not knowing if the gear is right for you and not being able to do anything about it if it’s not right because the place you rented it from is two hours away. Ski Brule has thousands of sets of gear so no worry, Ski Brule has your equipment needs covered with the best rental rates. The Rental Center is open daily 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on night session evenings.

“The skiing here was as advertised.  Worthy of a 5 star rating for sure.  A great variety of trails with something for everyone in the family.  Trails were in great condition and very nicely groomed.  The lift operators were the nicest we have ever come across, very friendly and helpful.  Our family of 5 skied for three days and the time just flew by.” ~Nicholas

Time saver tip:

Rent your equipment the evening prior to avoid the Saturday or holiday morning Rental Center rush.  Also, complete your rental form prior to arrival. Equipment Rental Form.  If you don’t need rental equipment, it’s highly recommended to get your daily lift tickets at Bear’s Den Pro Shop or Guest Services to get you on the slopes faster. Lift tickets are available at the Rental Center so it’s ‘one stop’ shopping .. tickets and rental equipment at one location.  Sign up for Friends & Neighbors to save 5% on rental rates.

Rental Center also offers sale of goggles, gloves, hats, sunglasses, batteries, leashes, snowboard parts, socks, 50% off apparel rack, snowpants, toys and more.




Ski Rental & Snowboard Rental Rates  Equipment Rental Form PDF

2023/24 Equipment Rental Rates Adult Junior  Kids
Ski/Snb/Snowskate, boots, poles, helmet  $  50  $   45  $   29
Full Pkg – 1/2 Day (at 12:00)  $  43  $   39  $   26
Full Pkg, Night (4:30-7:30)  $  25  $   25  $   25
Add Night Rental to Day Rental  FREE   FREE   FREE 
Skis/Snb/Snowskate Only, One Day  $  32  $   29  $   20
Skis/Snb/Snowskate Only. 1/2 Day (12:00)  $  24  $   22  $   16
Skis/Snb/Snowskate Only, Night  $  22  $   22  $   16
Boots Only, One Day  $  32  $   29  $   20
Boots Only, 1/2 Day (at 12:00)  $  24  $   22  $   16
Boots Only, Night  $  22  $   22  $   16
Poles Only, One Day  $  10  $   10  $   10
Poles Only, 1/2 Day (at 12:00)  $    7  $     7  $     7


Rental Equipment Discounts 

Equipment Rental Form PDF

2023/24 Rental Equipment Adult Junior Kids
Friends & Neighbors Discount 5% Off 5% Off 5% Off
Nordic Full Set, One Day  $  42  $   38  NA 
Nordic Full Set, 1/2 Day (at 12:00)  $  37  $   32  NA 
Equipment Switch   $   10  $ 10  $  10
Helmet Only Rental  $  10  $   10  $   10
Snowshoe  Rental – Full Day  $  19  $   18  NA 
Snowshoe  Rental- Half Day  $  13  $   12  NA 
Add Night Rental to Day Rental FREE FREE FREE
Multi Day Rental Discount $3 Off—Multi Day Rental, Discount Per Day, Full Set ONLY. (IE: $50 + $50 – $6 = $94   
Fat Bike Rental $30 Half Day, $50 Full Day.  Trail pass is included if rent bikes, otherwise trail pass is $16.  Fat Bike rental is NA for kids.

Single discounts only.  Cannot ‘stack’ discounts together.  Discount is off the full price daily rate.



$15 Kid’s Sunday Friends & Neighbors Special.   Ages 9 & under.  Includes ski or snowboard rental on Sundays (not valid 12/24-1/7) for $15 for Friends & Neighbors . Child must be present at time of purchase. One rental per child (9 & under). To qualify for a $15 kids rental, a minimum of one adult lift ticket must be purchased and present Friends & Neighbors card. (ALT/Comps/Season Pass/Purchase all qualify).  Adults cannot be a non skier/snowboarder (sit in the lodge) if they intend to utilize the $15 Friends & Neighbors Kids Sunday Rental Special.   




Equipment Tech Shop at Rental Center 2023/24

Hot Wax $15
Full Tune $36
Restoration starting at $55
Mount Bindings – Ski Brule Techs will only mount skis purchased from Bear’s Den Pro Shop.  $50
Binding Check $10


The Tech Shop is located at the Rental Center at Ski Brule.


  When Should Your Gear Be Tuned?

Some people go seasons without tuning or waxing their skis, and out on the slopes it shows, even if they don’t know any better. Getting a fresh tune and wax at Ski Brule is one of the best things you can do to get your season started off right. Here’s why:

1) Well tuned skis are easier and more fun to ski. You’re legs are probably a little rusty, don’t add to first day frustrations with rusty edges or sticky bases. It takes us all a few runs to get our snow legs back, and if your skis aren’t running smoothly on funky early season snow or your edges aren’t biting on those man-made icy patches, you’re more likely to throw in the towel and go into the lodge for drinks.

2) Ski bases dry out all summer long. You didn’t put storage wax on at the end of last season like we told you to, did you? If your bases are getting discolored, white or chalky looking, they’re drying out. Dried out bases also shrink, affecting the tune of your ski too. It’s not the end of the world, but they’ll run really poorly – so get them in for a proper scrape and hot wax to really get the wax down into the material and the tune fixed.

3) Edges get dinged and can rust in storage. Storage wax can also help protect metal from moisture, so if you skipped that step, chances are your edges won’t be ready for prime-time out of the gate. Getting a tune by the pros ensures they will run smooth so you won’t catch awkwardly or skid unexpectedly your first day out.

4) Don’t forget about last season’s damage you swore you’d take care of over the summer. Don’t let scratches or core shots in your base keep you from making first chair. Get the repairs you need done by the best technicians in the business.

5) If you were a good skier and did have us put on storage wax, don’t forget to take it off. That glopped on wax that was doing your bases so much good won’t do you any good if you don’t get a good scrape and brush. We’ll make sure you’ve got the perfect shiny finish on your bases so they run smooth and fast.


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