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Ski Brule
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Ski & Snowboard Group Trip Forms

Your entire group will love a trip to Ski Brule, the favorite Michigan ski resort.Is your group booked at the #1 Favorite Michigan Ski Resort, Ski Brule?  Or are you in need of additional information before making a decision?  The following forms will assist you in both deciding and preparing for your next ski trip in Upper Michigan.



Group Ski & Snowboard Trip Planning

Trail Maps:

Fun, great snow and fantastic group ratesSnow How Group Trip Forms 

  • Helpful Resort Information for Group Trips
  • Participant List – Print, complete and have ready to provide to Ski Brule at Group Check In.
  • Snow How Arrival Checklist – Checklist for Chaperon so you are ready to enjoy your day at Ski Brule
  • Snow How – Your Day At Ski Brule – What to expect during your day at Ski Brule
  • Group Rental Form Example Of Required Information – This is a sample of the required information to be completed on each participant rental form.  DO NOT COPY THIS FORM FOR PARTICIPANTS – It will not be accepted for participant use upon arrival.
  • Equipment Rental Contract – Individual – Every participant renting equipment at Ski Brule is to complete this form prior to arrival at Ski Brule.  Please note that there are two locations (one halfway down & second at the bottom) of this page that require parental signature.   The participants are not required to record driver’s license number on this form.
  • Injury Reporting at Ski Brule – Chaperone’s Guide: As much as we hope injuries don’t happen, we know that they do and we want your group to be prepared to know the protocol for injuries at Ski Brule.
  • Chaperone Contact Information – Please complete this form and provide to Ski Brule upon check in.  This information insures that there is good communication the day of your group trip.
  • Snow How Ski Progress Cards : side 1, side 2  Every participant is to complete this two sided progress card. The second side requires parental signature.  Please have this form completed prior to arrival.  Every participant is required to complete this form.  The instructor will authorize this form upon successful completion of the lesson and the participant then will exchange it for a lift ticket.
  • Tubing Release – Tubing is available Monday through Friday for groups of 20 or more that pre-arrange tubing for their entire group.  Each participant is to complete release if your group is participating in tubing during your visit.
  • Group Coordinator Information:  Please complete and turn in during group check in process.
  • Snow How Participant Checklist:  Please complete and have available during group check in process.

Saturday  Group Trip Forms:

Ski & Snowboard Trip To Ski BruleSunday Through Friday Group Trip Forms:  


Ski Brule
397 Brule Mountain Road, Iron River, Michigan  49935
Email: [email protected]         Phone: 1-800-DO-BRULE (1-800-362-7853)      Phone: 906-265-4957

Online Ski Brule Travel Planner

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