Ski Brule

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Ski Brule
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The #1 Midwest Family Resort

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Ski Brule,  a premier Ski Resort in Michigan is the #1 Midwest Ski Resort.  Located just over the Wisconsin Michigan boarder, Ski Brule is perfect for a day trip or a weekend get-a-way.  Something for everyone:  ski, snowboard, terrain parks, tubing, acrobag, fat bike trails, cross country trails, snowshoe trails, sleigh rides, kids programs and more!  

What sets Ski Brule apart from other ski areas?  It starts with snow.  Ski Brule know how to manage snow better than anywhere else which results in amazing conditions.  Don’t worry about what it looks like in your backyard, you can always count on Ski Brule for fantastic conditions.   Ski Brule has opened as early as October 24 and has been open as late as May 15.  Six months of snowsports is a reality at Ski Brule.Advanced Lift Ticket Sale

“My family made a trip to Ski Brule.  My wife and I and our three children (twins age 6 & age 3).  My mother, sister in laws and two of their friends joined us.  From renting skis to receiving help on the chairlifts, Ski Patrol and the Homestead Lodge, you could not have asked for any better service.  Ski Brule has top notch staff and it did not go unnoticed.  Thank you Ski Brule!”  ~ Brian, Rhinelander, WI

Ski Brule Lodging Book OnlinePlan your getaway at your favorite Michigan ski resort and experience why Ski Brule is the #1 Snowboard & Ski Resort in the Midwest.  Ski Brule is proud to deliver affordable, family fun with the best guest service anywhere!  The fun at Ski Brule began 60 years ago when Ski Brule founder George promised “quality family fun at an affordable price.”  Ski Brule has kept his promise and added “being the friendliest, helpful, most outgoing resort anywhere with a variety of activities.”  You have many choices where to spend your recreational time.  Choose spending time with your Ski Brule family … you will be glad that you did .. so will we.

“Just a shout out to the wonderful staff you have at Ski Brule. My youngest just learned how to ski while at Brule this winter. Now she wants to go every day! The staff at the lifts were phenomenal about helping her load. She had so much fun she asked me if she could get a poster for her room that says “Maple Syrup”. So cute! Thanks, Ski Brule! We’ll be back next season for sure.”   ~ Marie Petrasko


Located in Iron River, Michigan in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.
397 Brule Mountain Road, Iron River, Michigan 49935
1-800-362-7853  [email protected]

Online 2017/18 Ski Brule Travel Planner PDF:     Page 1-8       Page 9-16       Page 17-24      Page 25-32


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Skibrule Blog - Jess

July 23 2018
Fishing At Ski Brule

Fishing at Ski Brule! Any parent, grandparent or adult who has tried to take young children out angling knows you need to find some fishing action without too much delay. Accomplishing that will make it an enjoyable and lasting outing. For open water season,pan fish fishing is probably the best option available locally. If you are taking several children, and unless you have a larger boat,it is good to consider a shore fishing option.This allows the kids to run around when they lose interest between bites. Iron County has several options for shore, pier, and boat fishing that are good choices for a youth fishing day. Iron County’s best lakes for abundant bluegills and sun fish are Runkle, Glidden,Indian, Fire and Fortune Lakes. Some shore fishing opportunities are available at Runkle, Glidden and First Fortune Lakes. Runkle Lake has a fishing pier and some public shoreline at Runkle Lake Park that are available to fi sh for numerous pan fish and it is a good choice for very young anglers. Runkle Lake also has a boat access site. Glidden Lake State Forest Campground provides both shore fishing because the entire shore-line is state owned, and it has boat access. First Fortune Lake’s best shore fishing is accessed through the Bewabic State Park. A fishery crib reef is located in easy casting distance from the shore of the point just north-east of the bathing beach. Numerous DNR surveys and personal snorkeling reveals tha the crib reef is heavily used by pan fish and bass. Indian Lake has limited shore fishing opportunities although boating access provides easy access to an abundant pan fish population. Three fisheries crib reefs are also located in Indian Lake that make good locations to catch pan fish and bass. Fire Lake’s only practical access is by boat although its small size makes a small boat a reasonable choice to fish from. As water temperatures warm near 70 degrees, bluegills start bedding/nesting. They are very vulnerable during this period and anglers should be encouraged to maintain the fishery by not over harvesting the larger male bluegill that take the role of guarding the nest of eggs and fry. Fisheries research reveals that the large bluegills, especially males, maintain the quality of a lakes bluegill population size structure. With that in mind, fly fishing with small ant imitations is an excellent way to introduce novice fly anglers to that sport. Bluegills are just starting to stage for bedding or limited nesting on some northern bays that warm sooner than main lake areas. If you get your young angler into nesting fish you should encourage them to selective harvest. You should not take larger bluegills, bu

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