Rental Equipment Forms

Rental Form & Other Activity Forms At Ski Brule

 Rental form is available online and onsite at the Ski Brule Rental Center!

Make your day on snow easier by printing the rental form prior to arrival at Ski Brule.


Ski Brule Rental Equipment Form:
  • Print the rental form.

  • Complete requested information, adult (age 18+)/ guardian signature is required (two signature locations)
  • Driver’s license number required.
  • Bring the completed form to the Rental Center upon arrival.
  • A rental form is required for each person that is renting equipment.


SKIWee / Child Care Enrollment Form:  
  • The enrollment form is for SKIWee and Childcare.
  • One form per child, per day.
  • Advanced reservations required early season, late season, Thursday/Friday, 1/15, 2/19, 3/25-3/29 for Childcare and SKIwee, min. 24 hours.  Call 800-362-7853 for reservations.




Whitewater Snow Tubing Form:
  • Snow Tubing is available 1-3:00 Saturday, Sunday.
  • Also available 5 pm by reservation (3pm day of) by calling 800-362-7853 or at the Lodging Office on 1/15, 2/19, 3/25, 3/27.
  • Whitewater Snow Tubing is FREE on Sunday (excluding 12/24-1/7) to Friends & Neighbors ticketed (skiing or snowboarding) guests.

Become a member of Ski Brule's Ski PatrolLocated in Iron River, Michigan in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.

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1-800-362-7853  [email protected]

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