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 Snow Report

It was 27 degrees last night (9/22/22).  Hello Fall!

Snow Conditions & Happenings At Ski Brule:

Ski Ya November 11, 2022



High – 
Low  – 

Snow Totals:

  • Snowfall – Year To Date:  “
  • Snowfall – Past 24 Hours – “
  • Snowbase:  

Snow Conditions Trail Report:   

circle Maple Syrup:
Midwest Ski Trail Report Bunny: 
Midwest Ski Trail Report Homestead:
Michigan Snowboard Trail Report Bambi:  
circle Gentle Ben: 

Michigan Ski Report Sunrise: 
square Otterslide: 
square Log Jam:  
square Hot Cider:
square North Forty: 
square Spillway: 


Wisconsin Ski Report Whitewater: 
Wisconsin Snow Conditions Big Bear:  
diamondMidwest Snow Conditions Timberdoodle: 

Most Difficult
double_diamondSnow Conditions At Ski Brule Double Doodle: 
Snow Conditions at Ski Brule Rapids:   
Snow Conditions Snowshoe: 

Midwest Snow Conditions Beginner Terrain Michigan Snow Conditions More Difficult diamond Difficult double_diamond Most Difficult rectangleTerrain Trail


Snow conditions in MIchiganSurface Lifts: 
Bunny Rope Tow:  
Gentle Ben Rope Tow:
Pony Handle Tow: 

Whitewater T-Bar:    

Spillway T-Bar:    

Chairlifts Lifts:  

Sunrise Chairlift:  
Snowshoe Chairlift: 

Big Bear Chairlift:

North Forty Chairlift: 
Homestead Chairlift:  

Additional Activities at Ski Brule: 

Hours Of Operation – Click Here For Quick Reference Operational Calendar

  • Lift Operation:   Target opening 11/11/22.  Days Of Operation: 9am-4pm (target opening 11/11). Open
    Fri.-Sun. in Nov. & 11/24-11/27. Open Fri.-Sun. 12/2-12/18 & Daily 12/23-1/2. Open Thurs.-Sun. 1/5-4/9, Open 1/16 & 2/20. Open daily 3/20-3/26. Open Sat. & Sun. 4/15-closing. Operational schedule subject to change
  • Night Lift Operation: Lower Sunrise, Rapids, Bambi and Bunny are open for night sessions.
    Serviced by Fast Track Pony Handle Tow and Bambi Rope Tow. Chairlift and T-Bars do
    not operate for night sessions. Available Fri., Sat., and nightly 12/26-1/1/23. Target
    opening 12/26.
  • Homestead Lodge: 9-3:45 when lifts operate and 5-8:00 for BBQ Dinner.
  • Homestead BBQ at Homestead Lodge: 5-8:00, Saturdays & 12/26, 12/28, 12/30 & 3/23.
  • Bear’s Den Pro Shop:  8-4:30 Daily
  • Rental Center: 8-4:30 when lifts operate & 4:30-7:30 on night session nights. 
  • Lodging Office: 8-6:00 & 8-10:00 Friday/Saturday/Holidays.
  • Lessons: 9:30, 10:45, 12:00, 1:15 & 2:30
  • Kid’s Center: 9-4:00 when lifts operate.  Advanced reservations required. Availability will vary early & late season
  • Brule Saloon: 10-8:00 or later, when lifts operate.  Sunday open at 11:00. MCL 436.2113(5) prohibits licensees from selling alcoholic liquor between 11:59 P.M. on December 24 and 12:00 Noon on December 25.
  • Cafe : 9-4:00 when lifts operate

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