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Tech & Repair At The Rental Center


The Tech Shop is here for all your equipment needs to ski Upper Michigan! The Tech Shop located in the Rental Center at Ski Brule offers experienced technicians available every day of the week to wax, sharpen, mount bindings and repair your equipment. You can either stop in and have your repairs fixed during the day or conveniently drop your equipment off in the evening, and it will be ready bright and early in the morning for a fun day on the best ski hills in Michigan!

Snowboard tunes, waxing & repairs Ski Upper MichiganWhy tune your skis or snowboards?

Good tuning and service can make or break your day when you ski Upper Michigan. With properly tuned equipment, your skis and snowboards will perform like they were designed, giving you the best experience on snow.

If you want the best performance from your skis and snowboards, take care of them with regular tune-ups and service. Having your gear checked and tuned by an expert will give you more control, make your equipment safer and make every run even better.  Have your skis waxed at least every fourth day you ski and when the weather changes.

Experience how waxed skis and snowboards glide and turn more easily and how sharpened edges will improve your grip and edge control in varying snow conditions.

If you’ve been on the mountain more than four times without a service, it’s time to see us to make sure equipment is ready to ski Upper Michigan.

Snowboard tunes, waxing & repairs Ski Upper MichiganTech Center Services & Rates

  • Hot Wax:  $13
  • Sharpen Edges:  $23
  • Binding Adjustment or Check:  $7
  • Full Tune:  $36
  • Mount Bindings*:  $36 (Tech Center will mount skis purchased at Bear’s Den Pro Shop)
  • Equipment Restorations:  $55
  • Ptex Application:  Min. $10, rate depends on amount of ptex used.

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