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The past few days have been cold and it is going to remain cold for the next week to two weeks! This is the winter that everyone has been telling me about. Single digit temperatures with an occasional wind chill. Now, don’t be worried, the temps are still perfectly fine to go skiing and snowboarding in. However, I do recommend you wearing a few extra layers, and mittens instead of gloves. With these cold conditions comes more NATURAL SNOW!!! As we all know, the Midwest has been struggling in terms of natural snowfall and low enough temperatures to make snow, but, at least we are having a better winter than the East Coast. If you think we have it bad, check out what the mountains out east to see what they have been dealing with. They are struggling to maintain a patch of snow on just one run.

So if you are down about the winter we are having, still be thankful for what Midwest does have, because it could be worse. Anyway, we are almost 100% open! We are so close! The mountain have been working like crazy trying to get everything open as soon as possible. Keep checking in with us to find out the latest updates and current conditions.

Thinking of Snow!

-Justin P