During spring skiing, every skier needs to take a few extra steps to have a pleasant, safe ski trip. You need to consider the stronger sunshine, changing snow conditions, and warmer temperatures. These tips will help you make sure your spring skiing is enjoyable and safe!

Spring Skiing Tips

Always wear sunscreen! Wearing sunscreen is a must during spring skiing. When your skin has been covered all winter long, the bright spring sun can easily cause you to burn. So, make sure that any uncovered parts of your face (such as your nose, around your eyes, or even your lips) are covered with a sunscreen protectant.

Stay hydrated. During spring skiing, temperatures may rise and drinking water is important – especially if you’re skiing at high altitudes! Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Adjust your stance for spring snow. When skiing in spring snow, ski more solidly by keeping a balanced, even weight on each foot. Consider investing in a lesson to learn how to perfect your skiing on spring snow, because it will teach you things that you will be able to use each spring, year after year.

Wear your goggles or sunglasses. The bright spring sun calls for good eye protection, so wearing your ski goggles is a must. athletic sunglasses will also protect your eyes against the sun and make sure you can see well.

Wear the right gear. During warm spring temperatures, any skier will overheat in a heavy winter parka. Make sure you have a lighter jacket (or even a fleece!) for sunny days. A light, waterproof jacket is perfect for days where there may be rain.

Get your skis tuned-up for spring. Spring snow can be difficult and will slow you down, so a spring wax will make your skiing much smoother.