Today’s Snow Scoop….

Snowmaking continues on Maple Syrup, Rapids, Sunrise, Big Bear, Snowshoe & Timberdoodle.  This weekend’s open terrain is expected to be:  Bunny, Bambi, Sunrise, Otterslide, Whitewater, Log Jam and additional trails are dependent on snowmaking.  The temperatures have warmed up so get out and do your cold weather dance!  We are still making snow but really want temps around 18 degrees for the best output.

CMSC Race at Ski BruleWelcome CMSC Racers & Family.  This weekend CMSC will race on Whitewater Saturday (GS) and Sunday (SL).    Training clinic Friday:  Training 10-12:00, Lunch 12-1:00 & training 1-3:00.  $65 includes lift ticket, lunch and training.  Advanced lift tickets cannot be applied to training package.

Evening Dining  
Thursday: Brule Saloon & Evening Dining 4-8:00.  Brule Saloon will be open until 9:00pm or later.
Friday:  Friday Fish Fry at Brule Saloon, 5-8:00
Saturday: BBQ Dinner at Brule Lodge, 5-8:00

SKIwee, Child Care & Lessons are available this Saturday & Sunday.  Please keep in mind that Bunny & Bambi are the ONLY beginner trails open.

Cannot wait to see  you!