skibruleWith the season on its way, many people, including myself, like to get an idea of what the season is going to be like in terms of temperature and snowfall. Good news for all of you forecast lovers, meteorologist Andrew Murray, created a winter forecast for the upcoming season on the site, Open Snow.

When you hear someone talking about a long term weather forecast, El Nino, manages to always enter the conversation. So, what does that mean for the Midwest ski winter? Well, with the model created by Andrew, they are showing that the predicted snow total for this winter should be around average. In addition to that, the predicted temperatures for the season are expected to be around 4-8 degrees above normal. According to Andrew’s report, that means we will be experiencing more days in the 30’s rather than the 10’s.

With all of that being said, it looks like it’s going to be another great season at Ski Brule. With predicted average snowfall and a slight increase in temperature, you should have the same great experience that you would expect when you come to Ski Brule each and every year. Now, I have to include that Andrew’s forecast is only a prediction for the upcoming season formulated from trends and data and is by no means 100% accurate. As we all know, anything can happen. However, Andrew’s insight does give us an idea of what to expect this year.

Dreaming of Snow,

Justin P