Today has been a little gloomy weather wise, but there is some amazing news. The snow-making machines are being placed on the mountain! The Ski Brule crew has put these powerful machines on Log Jam, Bambi, and Bunny. All we need now are those low temps.

With all of this excitement and watching the crew drag these huge machines up the mountain, I started to wonder, who thought of the idea? Turns out, back in 1950, Art Hunt, Dave Richey, and Wayne Pierce invented the first snow making machine. Then, in 1952, Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel, located in Upstate New York, became the first resort to pump out the artificial snow.  Today, you can find these machines at nearly every resort!

As the crew continues to get everything set up for the upcoming season don’t forget set everything up for yourself. There is nothing worse than heading out to the mountain only to find out that you are missing chunks of your gear, and then try to go the day without it. In addition to that, plan all of your lodging ahead of time. Our lodging is starting to book up fast and you want to make sure that you can stay here on the days that you want to come, in the lodging options that you prefer the most.  Give us a call before everything gets filled. Have a great day, and don’t forget to keep checking the website for updates about opening day.

Thinking Snow,

Justin P.