imagesEl Nino has been hitting the Midwest hard, but Ski Brule has been holding on strong! We currently have 7 runs open and are continuing to make snow at every opportunity that we get. People keep forgetting, we are OPEN DAILY and will remain open daily until the end of the season.

Now, I have some GREAT news to tell you. SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, is in the forecast for next week. Not just for one day, not two, not even three, but FOUR DAYS OF SNOW! As always, we can’t believe 100% of what we see in the forecast, it is always subject to change, even on the day of. Unfortunately, weather is extremely unpredictable and we can only really make “educated guesses” as to what the weather will look like. However, it’s still a joy to see every time I look at it. In the forecast, it is calling for Monday to have 3-5 inches of snow! If we get a powder day, I’ll probably lose my mind due to all of the excitement.

Now the snow is great and all, but there is an added bonus to all of it. If the temps. are low enough to snow, then there is a good chance the temps. will be just right for snowmaking, which means… more runs can start opening! Of course I can’t say for certain when more trails will be available but, the low temperatures will help expedite the process.

So get excited people! Snow is on the way!

-Justin P.