12227555_10153609610352752_2268555079776525471_nLadies and gentleman, boys and girls, we have finally been given a sign from Mother Nature… SNOW! We have been waiting for a sign like this for far too long. The long, warm, sunny days have been dragging on and crushing our levels of excitement, but not today. The cold breeze whips by sending chills of joy down the spine.  Even though we are all amped for the upcoming season, we have to keep our wits about ourselves.

The snow we received today is not enough to open the mountain, we don’t even know if it will last through the weekend, but what we do know, is that the right temperatures are almost here. The day when we can turn on the deafening pump-house is almost in sight. When that day comes, then can we pop the champagne bottles and celebrate. Today simply provides us with a glimpse of what is to come.

Even though I know this storm doesn’t mean we open tomorrow, I still can’t help but think of Big Bear, Double Doodle, Log Jam, Homestead Lodge (BBQ!!!), Acrobag, Tubing, and everything else that makes Ski Brule so great (like the employees :)). Still, we wait patiently, for the greatest day of winter… Opening Day.

-Justin P