imagesWhen I was 3, my parents decided the time was right for me to hit the slopes and learn how to ski. From that point on, all I cared about was the next time I was going to be able to strap on some skis. During the last 20 years all I have done is ski, and paid little to no attention to snowboarding. Well, to be honest, I would still follow it a bit. I would watch snowboarding in the Olympics and Winter X Games, but still, I had no desire to try it. Honestly, there is no rational reason as to why I always turned it down when offered. My older sister was a snowboarder and she was loving it, so why wouldn’t I try?

Now, at the young prime age of 23, I have finally strapped on a board. I’ve been wakeboarding before, but snowboarding is completely different, other than the fact that both feet are locked in to a board. The first day I attempted to snowboard it went as well as one would expect, sticking to the bunny trail and falling consistently, but I was having a blast! A few days pasted until I had a free day to really give it a try. Within the first half an hour I was rocking the Bunny Trail. That’s when I came to the bold decision to venture to the chairlift. The chairlift can either be a relaxing time, or an extremely long ride where the only thing you are thinking about is the yard sale that waits you at the end. Even though I knew what awaited me, I pushed forward.

Needless to say, on my first attempt at riding the chair… I wiped out completely. However, every time after that, I kept progressing and was able to get off without falling, booyah! On top of that, by the end of the day, I was ripping down Otterslide without a problem, and this was just my second day on a board!

The point I’m trying to make is, whether you ski or snowboard, give the other one a try. Yes, you are going to fall and it’s going to take some effort and dedication, but I promise you, you will have a great time. Besides, how cool is it when someone asks you if you ski or snowboard, and you say both. Trust me, they might not show it, but they’ll be impressed. So give it a shot, try it with some friends, and have some fun.

We Have the Snow!

Justin P.