Ski boots should not hurt.  I can’t keep track of the number of times I say that within a day.  So many guests come into Bear’s Den with great boots … they are great but they are not the right ones for their feet.  So often I hear “I got a great deal on them but they hurt so bad”.  Not all boots are created equal.  Some are wider in the toes, stiffer in the shin area, wide in the heel, extra padding, extended buckles … it’s really quite technical.  It’s more than they look pretty.  Before you buy those boots because they are on sale, be sure they fit so you don’t waste your money.  I had three guests in the Bear’s Den over the weekend that purchased ski boots last spring on closeout.  The boots are great boots but not great for their ability and feet.  They ended up purchasing another pair of boots from me because they just could not deal with the pain of their boots.  I believe they called the new boots a ‘miracle’.  Not a miracle, we just know feet, boots and what works.  And at a great price.  New boots for $189!  Make the most of your day, stop in at Bear’s Den and let us make your feet happy!

~ Thinking Snow