A few years ago, a ski boot came out that was going to revolutionize everything we knew about ski boots. The boot was a soft shell boot and it was going to give us the same comfort as snowboard boots. When they first came out, I actually heard a lot of great reviews, and I was surprised when they were quickly removed from the market. From what I was being told, the boots were too soft and too loose, not providing enough support necessary to make hard turns and ski down difficult terrain. Thus, the boots lasted only a couple years and everyone started to forget that they even existed.

About two weeks ago, it came back to life. I was speaking with a guest when he said, “You have to check this out!” He then unbuckled his ski boots and stepped out of them… MIND BLOWN!!! The soft boot is back!

The boot is by Apex and the design is crazy! The boot has a hard plastic exoskeleton with two buckles that you can step out of. The soft boot has a boa closure system that will not loosen no matter how hard you ski. This boot provides you with the same comfort you find in snowboarding boots but has the exoskeleton that gives you the stability and stiffness needed to ski hard lines. I have only seen one person with it so far and he absolutely loves it! Now we have to wait and see if it will be a hit or another flop.

What are you thoughts about it?

Thinking of Snow.

Justin P