12314293_10153639640577752_8400003836317539708_oThis weekend Ski Brule is holding races as well as race training. Thanks to our amazing snowmaking crew, we are one of only three resorts in the Midwest that are open. The racing and training sessions are going to be a blast! If you didn’t sign up for it this year, then feel free to check it out and see what it entails, you might end up signing up for it next year.

Now, many people that I have spoken to are upset with the weather, rightfully so, it’s been a crazy warm winter thus far, and are deciding to not ski. But when I start to contemplate why people aren’t skiing, I wonder why? Runs are open, the conditions are not the most ideal, but they’re still good. For me personally, if I have an opportunity to hit the slopes, I will, regardless of what the weather is, because it’s what I love to do. If you love to ski/snowboard like I do, then spend a day here, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose and have an opportunity for a great time! Trust me, you will have fun!

So if you are thinking about what to do with the family this winter, then think of Ski Brule. Your family will thank you for bringing them. As mentioned earlier, we are one of only three resorts open in the Midwest, and on top of that, our prices are ridiculously low! By the way, snow is in the forecast for early next week! 🙂

Snow is on the way!

-Justin P.