Sooooooooooo excited! It’s USSA Race Weekend! 130 Racers and their family will join us for two days of competition in GS, SL and Kombie events. PLUS FREE cotton candy, petting zoo, moonbounce, goodie bags, face painting and more. It’s going to be an amazing time!

Not part of the race? No problem! You won’t even notice the kids as they stay near the Whitewater trail to be sure they don’t miss their start and to cheer their friends on. Plus the petting zoo and moonbounce keep them occupied between runs.

Be sure to bring suntan lotion. Faces burn quickly this time of year. Sunglasses too! Protect your eyes.

No worries about the temperatures. It is totally normal for this warm spell. It will only last a few days and then back to winter come Monday. Temps drop below freezing every night so there is very little snow loss. This is my favorite time to ski … sunshine, blue skies and great snow.

~ Thinking Snow