Christmas is now over and all of the excitement is starting to settle down. Now is the time to take your new snowboard and skis and hit the slopes! Break them in, and start shredding! Honestly, it is the perfect time to start riding the hills. Last night we got some new, fresh, beautiful SNOW! Even the 10 day forecast is looking great for both snowmaking and natural snow! Tuesday and Wednesday we are supposed to have snow and the temperature is not going to get above 30 degrees!

This week is going to be huge for us in our quest to become 100% open! We currently have 11 runs open and we are projected to get Hot Cider and Timberdoodle open on Tuesday! That would be over 80% open! We have the most snow in the Midwest and the best conditions! We even have guests that came from Tennessee who have been looking for snow. It is crazy to think that the East Coast and the Midwest are getting hammered with warm temps, but we are holding strong!

We hope that all of you have a great day whether you are on the slopes or doing whatever it is you love.

Have a great day!

Justin P