Seriously Mother Nature? What is your problem? Old Man Winter is getting mad … and will unleash his furry if you don’t get rid of your hot temper and make it cold!!

We all have been hoping to be open for snowports on November 13 and provide the best possible snow conditions. The unseasonable high temperatures has made snowmaking impossible and the result, Ski Brule will not be open for cnowsports on November 13.

The next target opening date will be November 20. It is our intent to make snow at every possible opportunity. It takes 24 hours of good snowmaking to open a trail.

Please call 1-800-DO-BRULE or visit Ski Brule’s Facebook page for the latest details on opening.

Ski Brule Advanced Lift Tickets are on sale now at $36 each! Sale ends 12/24. $10 Savings and valid anytime during 2015/16 snow season.

This is unfortunate news, but keep your heads up. There is a slight delay to the beginning of the season, but we are still going to have an amazing year! Stay excited and stay connected, keep checking everyday for the latest updates.

Mother Nature, bring the snow please.

-Justin P