There’s no place like Ski Brule on New Year’s Eve.  New Year’s Eve prime rib dinner at the Brule Lodge, Homestead BBQ, Tubing and Sleigh Ride, Night Skiing, Whitewater Snow Tubing 1-3:00,  Acrobag 12-4:00, Torchlight Parade & Fireworks at 9:00 and Dancing at Brule Saloon 8-midnight.

It’s a beautiful sun filled day at Ski Brule.  High of 5 degrees means the snow is perfect.  Some may think that 5 degrees is too cold to play out doors, but that’s not true!  The only thing standing between you and the best day on snow is your gear.  Dress properly and 5 degrees is as warm as 30 degrees.  Layers are the key and layers without cotton.  Yes cotton may feel good on but remember why you wear cotton in the summer … to keep you cool.  It doesn’t wick moisture away from your body and causes you to get cold.  Best material for wicking and warmth is wool.  Did you know that wool retains it’s warming properties even if it wet?  Yes, nothing like wool to make your day on snow!

~ See you at lift start