You can always depend on Ski Brule to have more trails, more snow and more fun!  This Saturday Timberdoodle and Homestead trails will open, making 12 of 17 trails open… and hopefully more coming.  Open trails include: Bunny, Bambi, Gentle Ben, Log Jam, Big Bear, Whitewater, Otterslide, Sunrise, Maple Syrup, Timberdoodle (opens 12/23), Homestead (opens 12/23) & North Forty.   As of today, night session, Homestead Tubing and Whitewater Snow tubing will not be available 12/22-1/7 .. BUT… activities can change during this time of year so check back before departing on a trip to Ski Brule so you are aware of what the conditions are and activity status.

The Homestead BBQ Dinner, Sleigh Ride and Marshmallow roast are available 5-8:00 on 12/23, 12/26, 12/28 & 12/30.  BBQ dinner tickets are available at Bear’s Den Pro Shop & Guest Services.  Please purchase dinner tickets by 3pm and schedule your shuttle ride to the BBQ at the Ski Brule lodging office.

Have a wonderful holiday!  Looking forward to seeing you!