Michigan skiing and snowboarding .. nothing like it in the Midwest.  And the best snow is found right here at Ski Brule.  Snowmaking is a science.  It’s not just flicking a switch and watch the snow being made.  Many factors effect snowmaking and the type of snow produced.  Adjustments have to be made based on water temp, air temp, humidity and wind direction.  High pressure water is shot out of a cannon of nozzles to produce the quality snow Ski Brule makes.  Routine snowmachine checks and adjustments to be sure the machine isn’t freezing up, that the snow isn’t too wet or blowing snow on itself and burying it.  A snowmaker’s worst night includes hand digging out machines that snow themselves in or having to shut down a gun and drag it indoors because it’s frozen solid.  The machines are a challenge but imagine having to be sure the water output is at the right speed so the waterlines don’t freeze.  That in itself will stop a snowmaking operation.  And another HUGE fear of snowmaking … power outages.  Remember, we are pumping water uphill through large pumping systems, take away the power and the water rushes back downhill, spinning the pump motors backwards which can destroy the machinery.  And that is ‘the rest of the story’.  Bring on the snowmaking season!


~Thinking Snow and ready to go!