It’s a beautiful snowy day today!  The ‘Brule Bunch’ group is visiting for the next several days enjoying all that Ski Brule has to offer.  Looks like we should get several inches today.  POWDER!

I’m waiting for Colt to arrive to go out and play in the snow.  I can’t understand why the weatherman has to ‘doom & gloom’ the upcoming weather.  It’s 19 degrees today, predicted 5 above tomorrow and 10 Sunday.  And the weatherman is always wrong so don’t plan your day based on what he says.  Really 5 degrees = don’t go outside per our weathermen?  What’s wrong with them?  We all live in the Midwest which offers 4 seasons.  It’s winter folks … right?  Would be terrible if it was 60 degrees in mid February.  Last year it was 25 below zero .. this is a heatwave.  Snowsports technology has come a long way.  It keeps you warm to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.  If you don’t like playing in the winter … then perhaps it’s time to move somewhere warmer.  Winter is amazing .. get out and enjoy!

Thinking Snow
Jess & Colt