Homestead Lodge at Ski Brule

One of the favorite locations for those who come to Ski Brule is the famous Homestead Lodge. Just last week I asked on Facebook, what’s your favorite run? The popular response… anything that gets me to Homestead Lodge. Honestly, I can’t argue with that answer.

The Homestead Lodge is a great place to hangout, relax, enjoy some food, and laugh with your family and friends. A unique feature about this lodge is that an original Homestead Act signed by President McKinley hangs on the wall! The Lodge is  heated by antique stoves and is decorated with rich history.

A few highlights about Homestead, there is BBQ dinners, sleigh rides, and tubing! The BBQ dinner is held on Thursday and Saturday nights from 5-8pm. If you haven’t had the dinner, you have to try it because the BBQ is amazing! Oh, I can’t forget to mention, you can take a FREE sleigh ride to the BBQ. Last, but not least, you can go tubing for just $4 per person with unlimited number of runs. The lodge is so much fun for all ages and whenever you come to Ski Brule you should always stop there.

For more information on everything about Homestead Lodge click here.