Thank you for the note!

Hi.  My family (The Pierpont’s) visited Brule from 1/15-1/18/2017.

We were very happy with just about everything we experienced there.  The weather reports of rain never materialized, we had perfect weather and perfect snow for skiing as well.

But like most services, the people made all the difference.  Your employees are what will make us remember Brule.  Everyone from the guy who did the marshmallow roast to the guys pushing the tubes down the hill was so nice!  The lift operators, the food servicers, the ski shop, even the people who cleaned our room were nice….amazing!

My 7 year old had never seen snow (we live in Palm City FL), and two instructors (Arlen is so cool) there each gave her one hour lessons on the bunny and she was off to the races.  She conquered maple syrup, and wanted more.  I couldn’t believe she agreed to get on the lift.

I thought I’d share a nice pic of her, sitting right under your sign.  You are welcome to use it on website, social media, etc.  It’s a nice, balanced, colorful shot, and she’s got a big smirk on her face.

Again, the pic is yours to us as you wish.  Thanks for everything.

~Michael P