RON RIVER, MICHIGAN — A wish for a white Christmas is coming true in some parts of the area, but you may have to drive a while to find it.

Workers at Ski Brule, near Iron River, Michigan has been making snow, and skiers are hitting the slopes, but a fresh coating of natural snow, is always welcome.

Mary and Bruce Catterton drove about 170 miles from Appleton, to find some snow.

“We got some time off finally from work, and we thought, let’s try and re-live our youth,” said Bruce Catterton, Appleton.

“We’re still trying to figure that out. There was a weak moment. 16 years, since we’ve been on the boards,” said Mary Catterton, Appleton.

“A lot of rust. Still shaking off the rust. That’s why we’re on the bunny hill right now. We’re going to take a run down the big hill soon, maybe tomorrow,” said Bruce Catterton.

Ski Brule has been open for about a month, and making snow whenever the weather cooperates. Jessica Polich says on a cold, dry night, machines can make enough to cover a typical run with about two feet of snow.

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“Unfortunately, we are not in the snow belt. So we are not receiving natural snow as often as some of the other areas do. But we typically have temperatures that are a little bit cooler than the rest of the area, which just allow us to start making snow faster than anybody else,” said Jessica Polich, Ski Brule Operations Manager.

Polich says from ages one, to nearly one hundred, skiing is a life long sport.

“As soon as you are stable, and you have your balance, you can get on a set of skis,” she said.

And skiers are sharing the slopes with those on snowboards. Shane Marquardt is on vacation from Peshtigo, with family and friends.

“It’s just fun to get out and ride. And this is the first run of the year for me. We haven’t had much snow this winter, and this is awesome that Brule is open this early and we get out and enjoy it,” said Shane Marquardt, Peshtigo.

Officials say snow is always in the forecast at Brule. Mary Catterton says whether it’s real, or manufactured, the skiing is good.

“If you’re going to talk about amazing conditions, I suppose you got to go someplace like Colorado. But this is good enough for me. I can break a leg here as easy, and it doesn’t cost as much,” she said.

The ski hill is open seven days a week. Ski Brule doesn’t typically close until the middle of April.