Today I had the privilege of teaching a 4 year old girl from Ukraine who could not speak any english and understood very little. Even with the language barrier she was still able to make it down the Bunny Hill, which was quite impressive for a first timer. She kept falling quite often, and she would start to giggle, then make a snow angel. Often times when I am teaching or watching a beginner, I see them become extremely frustrated, followed by hitting or throwing their gear, and then quitting completely.

Helping this little 4 year old girl was a great reminder of what skiing and snowboarding is all about… Having FUN! She could not have cared less the fact that she kept falling  down, she was too busy having the time of her life. I might not have been able to understand anything she was saying, but she was just constantly laughing. Sometimes, it’s not so much about what you learned, but about how much fun you are having.

So remember, if you are struggling and are starting to get frustrated, just relax and take a deep breath. It is going to take time before you become an expert, so remember to have fun, because that is what it’s all about.

Also, quick update on the snow conditions. Whitewater just opened yesterday making it the 8th run we have open daily! The next run that will be open is North 40 which will most likely be available on Wednesday. We are working our way to being 100% open. We have the most snow in the Midwest with the best conditions. So if you haven’t been here yet, check out our photos and videos to see what the conditions are like.

Thinking of Snow,

Justin P