New this year we will be offering 30km of Fat Biking Trails!  Fat Biking is the fastest growing winter activity.  Biking is no longer reserved for summer. You may think that it would be way more difficult to ride in the snow but we these “monster truck” tires being 4 inches or larger it is no big deal!  The wide tires, combined with a low psi allow the bikes to float across the snow.  In the summer you may ride your bike at an average between 30 and 50 psi, but with a fat bike in the winter you are averaging between 2 and 10 psi allowing the already wide tire to flatten out even more to provide a wider base to ride on.  We will be offering rentals along with a daily trail pass for those who already have bikes of their own!  Rentals can be either half or full day and the price of the rental will include you trail pass!  Helmets will be required.  Fat Biking is fun, unique and gives you a whole new appreciation for the snow so make sure to plan out a day to give Fat Biking at Ski Brule a try!