The long wait is so close to being over! Tomorrow, January 16, we are expecting to be 100% OPEN!!! First, thank you to everyone that has been patient. The Midwest has had unseasonably warm temperatures making it difficult, not only for snow storms to develop, but for snowmaking to happen. Secondly, WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! Tomorrow is the day we’ve been dreaming about for weeks. I don’t about the rest of you, but I know I’m excited for the Doodles and Spillway, oh and I can’t forget about the rapids and all of the features. This is going to be one awesome weekend, so get excited!

I can’t forget to mention, this weekend we will be hosting races, snowboard racing! If you are going to be here this weekend, then take a few minutes to watch it because it will be worth it, and it will be fun. I don’t want to take too much of your time, so I’ll you go so you can get your gear ready.

Thinking of Snow,

Justin P.