Just returned from the MWSRA Buying Show in Madison.  I got to see the new merchandise for 2014/15 and place orders for the Bear’s Den Pro Shop.  The K2 Women’s skis are HOT!  They are sooooooooo beautiful that I have to sell my new skis at the end of the season because I MUST have the 2014/15.  K2 has redesigned the entire construction of women’s skis for 2014/15.  Technica ski boots have a new calf adjustment that is really slick.  It’s designed to fit a variety of leg sizes for even more comfortable boots. Lots of work ahead crunching numbers to place orders by this Friday’s deadline.  Bugger —  I’d rather be out on the snow.

I skied last Saturday and the conditions are the best that I’ve seen in …. forever!  Truly amazing and tomorrow brings temps in the 20’s!  Someone is going to have to lock me in my office tomorrow because it’s going to be impossible not to be on the snow.  Hillcrest Homes is bringing DePere Middle School to Ski Brule tomorrow to learn to ski.  Did I mention that there will be 330 of our new friends arriving on buses tomorrow morning?  I can’t wait to see the smiles on these kids faces as they learn to ski.  The Snow How Youth program includes lift ticket, ski rental, ski lesson and lunch for $20/person!  That’s a $72 savings per person … a $23,760 savings for this group!   Have a youth group of 20 or more?  Give us a call at 800-362-7853 for all the details and to book.

Nick Baumgartner from Iron River Michigan competes at the Olympics on February 17 in Snowboard Cross.  Here’s the schedule:

Olympian Nick Baumgarter | Snowboard | Ski Brule

Olympian Nick Baumgartner

Men’s SnowboardX Competition Scheduled for February 17th:
11:00 Men’s Snowboard Cross Seeding
13:30 Men’s Snowboard Cross 1/8 Finals
13:52 Men’s Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
14:04 Men’s Snowboard Cross Semifinals
14:12 Men’s Snowboard Cross Finals





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