All across the country, from the East to West Coast, there has been abnormal amounts of snowfall. Last year California, and the West (Utah, Colorado, etc.) were barely getting anything. This year they are getting dumped on! The exact opposite goes for the East Coast. They were getting hammered with snow, probably the best conditions they have had in years. Now, they can barely stay open. Some of the resorts in the East Coast are even closing during the midweek because of lack of snow! It’s crazy to think that these massive mountains in Vermont can’t produce enough snow to have a decent season. We all know how unpredictable the weather is, but if you are chasing the snow… good luck tracking where it will be next year. Honestly, the same is happening at locations all across the world. Japan will have some amazing skiing one year, and the next they will have nothing. To tie this in with the Midwest, you already know what the conditions are like, subpar this year. However, the good news, next year we can get hit hard with snow! So keep your heads up and maybe next year can be an unbelievable season.

Thinking of Snow!

Justin P