Thank you for your interest in the Ski Brule Ski Patrol! Hopefully I can answer some questions for you. We
actively welcome snowboarders and skiers. Having a medical background or being an expert skier isn’t
required. Willingness to apply yourself and enthusiasm for volunteering almost guarantees your success to join
the ranks of the National Ski Patrol and Ski Brule Ski Patrol.
Patrolling requirements: Each patroller is required to patrol a minimum of 10 shifts at Ski Brule. A shift starts
30 minutes before the lifts open, and ends after the hill is closed. We provide emergency care to the guests of
our resort and support our guests having exceptional experiences at Ski Brule.
Pay: We are a volunteer patrol. Members in good standing accrue the benefit of receiving family skiing passes
at Ski Brule and many other benefits that can include free lodging, discounts on meals, extra guest passes, ski
vouchers and other discounts in the Resort. Many members also receive equipment discounts and participate
in advanced educational member-only clinics.
Management: Patrollers are under the supervision of the management of Ski Brule. Ski Brule management
has final authority over patrol membership at Ski Brule.
Training: We are trained and meet the standards of the National Ski Patrol (NSP). Each new member
completes a 20-week class on Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC). OEC classes are held during the off-season,
taught under the NSP guidelines. OEC classes have been held in Rhinelander, Appleton and other
communities. Following completion of the classroom training, students continue with on the hill training and
chair evacuation training. This is 8 weeks, held at Ski Brule during ski season. NSP also offers additional
education opportunities. Once OEC certified, OEC skills are ‘refreshed’ yearly to NSP requirements.
CPR: Each member is required to hold a valid CPR Healthcare Provider card and to annually refresh this skill.
Costs: The first year a person could spend approximately $75 for OEC class materials and outfit their butt
packs for about $80. Membership in Ski Brule Ski Patrol is $92 annually. NSP outerwear is also a personal
Insurance: No insurance is available.
Age: Interested adults must be at least age 16 by the completion of the class.
Legal: The Good Samaritan Law provides liability protection for volunteers when providing reasonable care as
trained. NSP does not provide legal representation for any claims relating to care you provide. Because of the
sensitivity of this issue, further questions should be directed to your personal attorney.
Your first year will be hard work but also fun as you learn and practice your new skills. You will be with
patrollers who are enthusiastic about having you join our ranks.
I’ve enclosed some information about the National Ski Patrol. Their web site is Assuming you’d
like to make an application, please complete the Candidate Application and return it to me. I’ll follow up to
advise what the next steps would be.
Patrollers at Ski Brule are very willing to answer any other questions you may have. And I’d be happy to
respond to you also.

More Information:
Patrol Representative: Pete Holdridge Phone 715-573-2873
505 Poplar Ln [email protected]