Ski Brule Opening Day 16

With snow on all of our minds its hard to believe that it’s November and the weather is 60 degrees out. Due to weather conditions and the temperatures not dropping as much as we need them to, Ski Brule has moved the target opening date to November 18. Everything on our end it ready, the guns are set up on the mountain and the mountain crew it patiently waiting for the weather to get cold enough to start blowing snow. In order to have good snow making conditions it has to be 28 degrees or below for 8 hours. Snowmaking is a challenge this time of year due to high humidity, warm water and short spans of colder weather. But we are always up for a challenge! Best snowmaking occurs at 18 degrees in fall. With the ideal snowmaking conditions, Ski Brule can open a trail with enough snow to open within 24 hours of snowmaking.

We look forward to seeing everyone on opening day! Don’t forget that on opening day lift tickets are FREE!! Come enjoy family and friend on the fresh snow!