Friends & Neighbors WeekendToday is the first day of a new week and with that comes the excitement of low temperatures! Each morning, this past weekend, greeted us with cool, beautiful frost that we have come to love. The only thing left is for those temps to reach the ideal temperature so that we can fire up the snow-making machines. These machines are a force that will be heard across the UP and down into Wisconsin!

Our fingers are itching to hit those switches. Patiently, we wait for Mother Nature to grace us with her winter presence. Until then, we continue to prep while struggling to keep hold of our excitement.  Remember to follow us on Social Media and check the website everyday for the latest updates. Conditions change daily and we are always updating our information.

Even though you can’t ski on the mountain, there is sooo much that you can do while staying at Ski Brule. The UP is home to countless waterfalls, breathtaking scenery, and numerous outdoor activities that will keep you busy the entire time you stay here. So, if you think we are only a ski resort, you have more to learn. We are more than just skiing, more than just snowboarding, and go beyond snow. We are a mountain that offers activities and entertainment for everyone! So as we patiently wait, just remember, if you are looking for a getaway, and want to explore the outdoors, we can help.

Have a Great Day!

Justin P