November 18, 2014

36″ New Snow in the past week.  The conditions are amazing!  I can’t believe it’s only November 18 and the conditions are spectacular!  The snowmaking crew has been hard at work and the rumor is …. the front side of the mountain should all be open by the Sunday afternoon.   It takes a bit of time to move the equipment off the mountain and push out the piles of snow.  As soon as a trail is ready, we’ll open it and continue opening terrain all weekend long.  This of course is snowmaking dependent.

The Thanksgiving holiday looks very promising as well.  I’m betting that several trails on the Homestead side of the mountain will open for the holiday weekend.  I can’t believe there’s this much snow!  And I have been taking advantage of the great snow with Colt.  Shredding everyday .. even sneaking out when the resort isn’t open.  Perk of the job!  11 Months old and loving his ‘vroom vroom’!


Do what  you love, love what you do!

~ Jess & Colt