The folks that live in the Midwest are built tough!  A bit of cold doesn’t scare us.  What do we do when the Weather Channel is telling everyone to stay inside because you will become an instant popsicle … we go skiing!  Yes, Friday morning was a bit chilly to start -28 real temperature but it quickly warmed up to 15 degrees.   Amasa Michigan which is about 15 minutes from Ski Brule was the coldest location in the continental US yesterday with -39!!   Over 350 school age kids visited Ski Brule yesterday to learn how to ski and had a BLAST!  So don’t let the weather man ruin your fun… get out and enjoy all that the Midwest has to offer.  There’s no such thing as a bad day on snow, only bad apparel.  Dress right and the day is amazing!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching the sweetest 7 year old boy named Wyatt to ski.  It’s such a great reminder of why I’m in the snow business.  This kiddo’s smile warmed my heart as he mastered the Bunny Trail.  Do what you love, love what you do!  Thank you Wyatt for the fun time .. I’d always rather be on snow than in the office. 🙂  Ski Ya Today!

~Thinking Snow