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Snow = Happiness!

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingFebruary 9, 2017

The conditions are AMAZING!  Lots of snow fell this week and the temperatures are ideal for a weekend of fun at Ski Brule. Homestead BBQ, tubing and sleigh ride on Saturday 5-8:00, Acrobag on Sunday 1-3:00, Whitewater Snow Tubing Saturday and Sunday 1-3:00 and a favorite at Ski Brule .. Karaoke at Brule Saloon Saturday night at 8pm.  Lots of fun, tons of snow … all we need is you!

I’m fairly certain I’m ‘too well’ to be in the office today … I’m taking a snow day! Ski ya soon!

~Thinking snow


Can’t argue good research!

If you need an excuse to hit the slopes this season, look no further than your health. Strapping on the snow skis, even once a year, may enhance overall happiness, health, and well-being, according to a recent study.The mere engagement of sports or any form of physical activity is known to boost mood and well-being. When people are using their body in activities, such as exercise, they typically feel happy and calm. The Mayo Clinic says moderate to vigorous physical activity generates the brain to release endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine, which are chemicals that make you feel good. Moreover, the completion of the physical activity will allow the body’s muscles to feel more relaxed — reducing tension and strain. Participation in outdoor winter sports such as skiing may provide a fun, priceless way to feel happier and healthier this season or year-round.Published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, a team of Korean researchers, conducted a cross-sectional survey of 279 visitors in three major ski resorts in South Korea to measure their levels of happiness and satisfaction. The survey respondents either participated in skiing, snowboarding, or in both. On average, the skiers and snowboarders spent four and a half days at a resort, while more than 90 percent visited ski resorts fewer than five times a year. In the study, happiness and satisfaction levels were determined by assessing the participants’ sense of pleasure, their level of flow or engagement in the activity, and the sense of involvement and satisfaction they subjectively reported after hitting the slopes. Out of the sample size, 126 (45.2 percent) participants skied, 112 (40.1 percent) were snowboarders and 41 (14.7 percent) participated in both activities. All of the respondents were experienced skiers or snowboarders prior to the study. Findings revealed the manner in which the participants engaged in activity, also known as “flow,” had the greatest direct impact on satisfaction, followed by involvement. The researchers identified involvement as being deeply involved in an enjoyable physical activity that can enhance a person’s positive outlook on life.Skiers who became the most involved in the skiing and who forgot everything else in their lives while they were on the slope were found to reap the most benefits from the activity. The researchers were surprised to find skiers reported greater levels of pleasure and involvement than snowboarders. However, a reassuring finding revealed skiers who do even one-off or fewer skiing outings can still experience the positive effects of the sport.”Adult playfulness can influence people’s happiness, while activities and socially convening around a sporting activity, such as skiing, have positive psychological outcomes and contribute to overall well-being,” said Hyun-Woo Lee, lead researcher of the study from Yonsei University in the Republic of Korea in the news release. “This is also true for people who only casually participate in sports.”Skiing not only boosts overall happiness and well-being, but it is beneficial to an individual’s physical and mental health, despite the frequency or duration of the activity. Bethony Garner of the Ski Club of Great Britain, told the Daily Mail, skiing can help an individual shed up to 5 lbs. in a span of seven if they spend six hours every day going up and down the slope burning 3,000 calories. If the slope is steeper, the skier is more likely to burn a greater number of calories. “Experienced skiers are also more likely to negotiate moguls, which use up even more muscle power and so burn even more calories,” Garner told the Daily Mail.


Bunds KS, Cho KM, Lee HW et al. Rediscovering the Positive Psychology of Sport Participation: Happiness in a Ski Resort Context. Applied Research in Quality of Life. 2013.

Scrubs Week!

It’s Scrubs week! Starting today, February 6th through the 12th.  For all of you who work in the health care industry this is the week to come and ski at Ski Brule.  Great discounts on lodging and lift tickets.  We even have package deals available! If you are joining us mid week you can get two nights of lodging, two – day lift tickets, two breakfasts, two lunches and one dinner for just $206 per person!  You can get the same package on the weekend as well for just $233 per person!  It is time for you to take that much needed little vacation and with deals like that it is hard to pass up! If you are close enough that you won’t need lodging the discounts are still available for your daily lift ticket, show you work ID and you will receive a lift ticket for only $39!  With 17 trails and one for every ability, Ski Brule is the perfect resort for both first time skiers/boarders and those of you who have been at it for years.  Nightly activities for guests staying in the village like tubing, marshmallow roast, our famous Homestead BBQ, sleigh rides and night skiing/boarding. Come on out to Ski Brule and take your much deserved vacation.

59th Anniversary

Our 59th Anniversary weekend is coming up fast! Wow, 59 years!  The weekend will be packed full of fun with games, live music, tons of kid activities and so much more.  Want to win a free 2017/2018 season pass? You can go on a the treasure hunt and if you find your way through first you will win! Ski Brules Anniversary weekend is one that many families put on their calendars each year, with a Moonbounce and Petting Zoo available for the kids and family games of Tug of War and a Potato Sack Race you will not have a lack of fun activities. With lodging right here in our village you will get to enjoy everything we have to offer through out the day. Come celebrate with us! Give our Lodging Specialists a call at 1-800-362-7853 and book your weekend of family fun!

Thank You!

Nothing brightens my day more than a note from a guest that had a fantastic time at Ski Brule! Thank you for writing.

Hopefully all is well. My family and I stayed at the Beaver Lodge this past weekend. I would like to thank you for the great service we received throughout the weekend. Everyone was very friendly and prompt. THANK YOU! We all had a very nice time.
Have a great day,

~Thinking Snow

A great weekend!

Thank you for the note!

Hi.  My family (The Pierpont’s) visited Brule from 1/15-1/18/2017.

We were very happy with just about everything we experienced there.  The weather reports of rain never materialized, we had perfect weather and perfect snow for skiing as well.

But like most services, the people made all the difference.  Your employees are what will make us remember Brule.  Everyone from the guy who did the marshmallow roast to the guys pushing the tubes down the hill was so nice!  The lift operators, the food servicers, the ski shop, even the people who cleaned our room were nice….amazing!

My 7 year old had never seen snow (we live in Palm City FL), and two instructors (Arlen is so cool) there each gave her one hour lessons on the bunny and she was off to the races.  She conquered maple syrup, and wanted more.  I couldn’t believe she agreed to get on the lift.

I thought I’d share a nice pic of her, sitting right under your sign.  You are welcome to use it on website, social media, etc.  It’s a nice, balanced, colorful shot, and she’s got a big smirk on her face.

Again, the pic is yours to us as you wish.  Thanks for everything.

~Michael P

It’s great on the snow!


Boooooo Mr. Weatherman.  Your WRONG forecast made a lot of people miss out on great riding over the weekend.  Twice he predicted rain and twice he was wrong.  In fact, the predicted rain on Friday was actually SNOW!  Don’t let the weatherman ruin your fun.

I took my normal ten runs this morning.  It was amazing!  First tracks on groomed trails had me tearing up the slopes with a smile on my face.  It was absolutely amazing.  Don’t worry about what it looks like in your backyard.  You can always count on Ski Brule to have the best conditions in the region.  More fun this weekend at Ski Brule!  Acrobag (FREE!!) Saturday and Sunday 1-3:00, Whitewater snow Tubing Saturday and Sunday 1-3:00, Homestead BBQ, Tubing and sleigh ride, 30 KM if fat tire bike trails are open.  And of course, Saturday night Karaoke at the Brule Saloon!

Don’t forget that Friends & Neighbors save on tickets during the midweek.  $5 Off tickets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 50% off tickets on Wednesday.  Speaking of Wednesday .. did you know you could get a lift ticket, ski rental and ski lesson for ONLY $53 on Wednesday?  What a deal!

This week is Law Enforcement Salute.  Show your work ID and receive lift tickets for $39.  It’s our way of saying thank you for all you do!

~Thinking Snow

It’s SNOW!

Thank goodness the weather man  is ALWAYS wrong.  Yesterday when they said rain, we got snow!  Big heavy fat flakes.  YEA!  I’m betting he’s wrong again today.  Come out and play .. it’s fantastic!

~ Thinking Snow

Tons of SNOW!

With unseasonable weather many think that Ski Brule is hurting for snow, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have tons of snow and with a base between 48-56 inches these warmer temps will have little to no affect on our snow conditions. Ski Brule is 100% open and a week of warmer weather can’t change that! With the geographic location of the Resort it is typically 5-10 degrees cooler than surrounding areas, which changes the surrounding rain to snow for us! Ski Brule grooms the trails daily, because of this the surface snow is always changing making for great conditions every day.  17 trails and 11 lifts make for multiple options for each skiing/boarding ability and lift lines being small to nonexistent. Ski Brule is a one stop shop for your vacation needs, with multiple lodging options onsite, nightly dining and nightly activities you’ll get to park your car and utilize our Shuttle Bus for the entire length of your stay, never needing to leave the village!  If you have smaller children who don’t yet know how to ski you can let them enjoy a day of learning is our SkiWee program while you enjoy a day on the slopes!  For the little ones who are 1-3 and not yet old enough for the SkiWee program we have Daycare available!  Give our Reservation Specialists a call at 1-800-362-7853 or head over to the “Lodging” page on our website and check out your options. We look forward to seeing you out on the mountain!

Friends & Neighbors Discounts

Friends & Neighbors is a free discount club here at Ski Brule.  No tricks, no money needed, just awesome discounts throughout our resort! Signing up for our Friends & Neighbors Club is quick and easy and just requires a short form that can be printed off from our website and faxed or emailed in or you can do it right here on site! Takes you a few minutes and you will be handed your exclusive savings card!  Membership in the Friends & Neighbors Club gets you 1/2 Price Tickets on Wednesdays, saving you up to 24.50 per ticket!  $5 Off Tickets on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 5% Off Lodging, 5% Off Apparel (If not already on a greater discount!) , $1.75 Tap Beer Of The Day, $1 Off Drink Of The Day, $.75 Fountain Soda& Coffee, $1 Hot Chocolate, FREE Tubing & NASTAR Sunday, $7 Kids Rental Equipment Sunday and FREE Kids Mac & Cheese Lunch Sunday!  With free registration and discounts every where it is a deal that you can not pass up on!  Head on over to our website or stop on in to our Bears Den Pro Shop, Lodging Office or Guest Services and we will hook you up with the Friends & Neighbors Cards so that you can start saving today!


See you on the hill!


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