Baby it’s COLD outside!  What?  There’s no such thing as a bad day on snow, only bad gear!  That’s right.  I’m the first to say, dress for it and you can make the most out of a -25 degree day!  No I’m not crazy … it’s true!  This week certainly separated the Yoopers from the Snow Birds.  An entire week of -25 or colder in the morning.  Today we woke to only -8 and I cheered!  LOL.  Got to put things into perspective.

So what’s happening at Ski Brule?  Still waiting on more snow.  Up until this past storm there was very little snow on the ground.  In fact, some places grass was still showing.  The snow received last week was welcomed (but almost broke my back shoveling off our ice skating rink LOL).  The Grooming Crew broke out the groomers and ran up and down the slopes…. why you may ask?  Packing down the snow keeps it in place and helps to start building a snow base.  We need additional snow before the slopes can open and less restrictive government regulations which will allow us to resume operations at more than the current 25% permitted.  It’s tough time with tough decisions but we will keep on skiing for years to come.

Thinking Snow (more than ever)

Jess & Colt