It’s always best to end on a high note and skiing today & yesterday is as good as it gets! Perfect snow, beautiful sunshine! Thank you for playing this weekend at #skibrule
The forecast this week calls for temperatures routinely in the 50’s with lots of rain. So to be sure that we finish on a high note, the 21/22 snow season will come to an end this evening (4/10/22). Thank you for making this season amazing!
We hope to see you all on the opening day of the 22/23 season, which is currently scheduled for November 11, 2022.
Be sure to get your 22/23 advanced lift tickets at the lowest rate of the 22/23 by April 30. Buy 5 advanced lift tickets & get 1 more free! The 6 pack is $250 and only available online or by calling 800-362-7853.