$80 Carload Day

$80 Carload Day

CARLOAD DAY LIFT TICKET SPECIAL $80 and EVERYONE in your car will get a Lift Ticket!

Ski Brule Has Snow! And The Fun!

Is the snow at Ski Brule going to melt away?  Well sure, sometime in April but not anytime soon.  Ski Brule received over 160″ of natural snow this season plus the huge snow base that the Snowmaking Crew created this past fall.  Those two combined equals...
Halloween Treat!  Not A Trick!

Halloween Treat! Not A Trick!

11/1/21 Halloween was a treat!  Not a trick! Halloween was certainly at treat and not a trick!  Snowflakes were falling yesterday, winds out of the North started howling too!  All great signs that the snow season is just around the corner.  Ski Brule will being making...