It’s back!  The Stambaugh Elementary Friday Night Ski Program kicks off January 26.  Over 50 children learned to ski in 2023 and ALL of the children were sponsored!  Hoping for the same thing for 2024 program.

Could you imagine not having someone start you skiing?  And all of the fun you would have missed out on?  Skiing is a sport of a lifetime for sure.  It’s so important to get children involved in outdoor activities over the winter because let’s face it, winter would be VERY long in the Upper Peninsula if you didn’t ski.  Not to mention that children need more time ‘unplugged’ and off the couch.

I’m already counting the days until I hear the children piling into the rental center with smiles on their face .. ready to learn to ski or improve what they learned last year.

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Looking forward to snow!
Jess & Colt