Nick BaumgartnerI cannot explain the emotions watching Ski Brule’s Nick Baumgartner compete last night at the Olympics!  Nick started working for me when he turned 14 in the kid’s center.  He was always so good with the kids.  Got them excited about being on snow and was just a teenager that his mom could be proud of.  Over the years, it’s been an amazing journey to watch Nick go after his dreams and achieve them.  It’s a great reminder of always dream big and go for it.  He’s an inspiration to so many, especially today’s children.  Nick is just downright kind, helpful, outgoing, determined .. all qualities parents want to see in their children.  And watching children get off the couch and get outdoors because of watching Nick, I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough.

Nick’s son Landon teaches in the SKIwee program.  I see so much of his dad in him when he was Landon’s age.

I do have to admit, I may have gotten frustrated at Nick a time or two for being late to work because he was out playing in the park.  And he may be the reason why I took up snowboarding at 25 – so I could teach snowboard lessons when he was ripping it up in the Rapids!

We love you Nick!  And the entire UP is so proud of you!  Can’t wait to see you Friday at 8:00 competing with Lindsay.

~Thinking Snow
Jess & #coltgeorgeoutdoors