Funday!We were there!

Crashing through the snow
During a snowy winter day
Over the hills of Ski Brule
Laughing all the way

Watching out for Big Scary Bears
As we board and ski into the Sunrise
And the Otters sure do slide
Like gliding in Maple Syrup

Following Snow Shoe hares
As they travel through the Rapids
It’s a Doodle of a day
Making tracks through the Timbers

Hoping we don’t hit a Log Jam
Going toward the Hill of Bambi Bunnies
We head toward Homestead and the North Forty
In hopes of Hot Cider

It’s a Double Doodle of a day
As it Spills-a-Way from Whitewater
Oh what fun it is to ski and board
On a snowy Ski Brule Day!