Ski Brule is fired up!  Snowmaking began last night (10/29/19) and the first night of snow went well.  It’s not only making snow but it’s the first ‘official’ test of the system to be sure everything is 100%.  Snowmaking isn’t as simple as flipping a switch and watching the snow magically appear.  There are so many factors that determine success or failure of a night of making snow.  The #1 most important element to snowmaking at Ski Brule is the drive and dedication of the #mtnmen at Ski Brule.  Snowmaking isn’t a fluff job.  Imagine having to walk up and down the slopes, stopping every so often for a gun check, moving wet and frozen fire hoses, working with high voltage electricity, overnights, no days (or nights) off during the snowmaking season, 15 hour shifts … your heart has to be in it to be on this crew.  Determination is a must!  Team play is a must!  Drive to be the best is a must!  Nobody has a crew like the #mtnmen at Ski Brule.

This season comes with an bit of a different operational plan during the early season.  Why?  So the snowmaking crew has more time to make huge piles of snow.  It takes time to shut down the snowmaking machines or fire them up, move the equipment off the trails and groom it to ride on.  Therefore the decision to allow the snowmachines to run non stop (weather dependent) during the early season to hopefully give you a lot of open terrain sooner than normal.  Schedule is below.

Early season operational tentative schedule, subject to modification based on SNOW:
Nov 8 – Target Open.  If open, then Ski Brule will be open Nov. 9 & 10
Nov 11-15: closed for snowmaking
Nov 16-17 open for snowsports
Nov 18-21: closed for snowmaking
Nov 22-24: open for snowsports
Nov 25-26: Closed for snowmaking
Nov 27-Dec 1: open for snowsports
Dec 2-5: closed for snowmaking
Dec 6-8: open for snowsports
Dec 9-12: closed for snowmaking
Dec 13: open daily through April 12 & then open weekends based on snow conditions

In celebration of making snow … Ski Brule has also added an Advanced Lift Ticket special.  $40 Advanced lift tickets now through 11/7 … the discounted lift tickets are only available at or by calling 800-362-7853.  Buy now, save more so you can play more!

Looking forward to skiing with you on November 8 – do your cold weather dance – need it around 10 degrees to really pump out the snow.

~Think Snow
Jess & Colt