Operations Update 3/5/22 @12:40pm

For your safety, Ski Brule will not have the BBQ tonight at the Homestead Lodge.  The county roads to the Homestead Lodge are dangerous.  Tubing is not available today because with the changing weather, we cannot control the path of the tubes safely.  Night Session has also been cancelled for your and our staff safety.

As for operations on 3/6/22 … Ski Brule will be open for snow sports Sunday but it may be a delay in opening as the Grooming Crew will be working hard ‘turning over’ the snow to get the good stuff to the top.  Yes it rained on Saturday but not enough to impact the snow depth!  Still plenty of white stuff to get us well into April.  The expert grooming by Ski Brule will get that snow back in shape in no time!   I don’t expect Whitewater Snow Tubing to be available Sunday.  

Think Snow!