I know that I was not the only one standing up in front of the TV watching Nick & Lyndsey compete for the Gold!  It was amazing!  These two athletes are incredible and it’s so true, with age comes wisdom!  It’s not just athletic ability that made this win possible, it’s the wisdom of being a part of the US Snowboard team for 17 years Nick & 20 years Lyndsey.  Like Nick said during his interview …. “80’s babies!”   They rocked the course!

So this win was more than just a USA Gold Medal for the Ski Brule family!  Nick grew up at Ski Brule.  Attended & graduated from West Iron County Schools, still lives in Iron River along with his family and son Landon.  Nick started working at Ski Brule in SKIwee when he was 14 years old.  I have to say, it’s been an honor watching Nick over the years.  Nick is an incredible athlete, but beyond that … he’s a kind man!  Always a smile, words of encouragement and bringing the love of the snow to so many, especially the kids!  He always has time to chat, totally down to Earth!  We are so proud of all you have done and the man you have become!  Love you!

Nick’s Welcome Home Party At Ski Brule 

Yes!! Ski Brule plans to have a welcome home party for Nick!  When?  Sometime soon.  Nick’s media schedule (as you would imagine) is a kinda jammed packed.  He’s home for a couple days and then off again.  As soon as we get a date that works for Nick, it will be shared on Facebook, www.skibrule.com and by email.

Do you recognize the young man next to Nick?  It’s his son Landon who works at SKIwee at Ski Brule!  Just as sweet and kind as his Dad!

~ Thinking Snow
Jess & Colt